banksia bird heaven

soft banksia cones
rainbow lorikeet crisps
ready for snacking

We have a local indigenous Banksia tree growing by our front gate. Currently it is flowering and a variety of birds, Noisy Miners, Wattle Birds and Rainbow Lorikeets are daily visitors. The Lorikeets are big in numbers and very noisy so when they arrive anyone else feeding tends to disappear. This is my contribution to Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 349 CRISP and Soft. Visit this site to see how other poets respond to Ronovan’s challenge.

16 thoughts on “banksia bird heaven

    1. They are migrant pests and breed quickly. The Banksia is an indigenous Australian species named by and after Joseph Banks the botanist who accompanied James Cook on the exploratory Pacific expedition of 1769-1770


    1. They are climate change migrants from the East coast of Queensland. They are very brazen and swear in ones face and also mess all over cars parked under trees. However a very photogenic little parrot and you don’t need a zoom lens.

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