summer born

winner of hearts

sweet maggie

Sunday June 11th was the day Jill and I courageously took up the kind offer of homing Maggie the Afghan pup offered to us by the wonderful Ada and Terry Wilcox. When we first met Maggie in February the litter of 6 were a scrambling, swarming mass of teeth and energy. Even then she had a special personality. On Sunday 2 pups had migrated leaving these 4. As I snapped photos it almost seems Maggie was making the decision to leave the family and venture forth into the wider world at the tender age of 5 and a half months. Watch out for more instalments. AS I post this the little girl is fast asleep beside me on Charlie’s couch


summer pups

coping with the heat

growing fast

This is what 8 week old Afghan Hound pups look like. Little bundles of fur, ears and legs and sharp little needle like teeth. Born in the later half of December in the Australian Summer they were learning all about the heat. Play sessions were quickly followed by immediate naps, then a bit more play etc etc.

The bottom picture shows little Maggie being nursed by Jill. We were invited to visit these beautiful pups in February and were honoured to be offered Maggie who was needing a home in the immediate future. At the time we had made plans to travel up to late May and had to decline the generous offer. Circumstances for Maggie have since changed and we  are now able to provide her a home at the end of May. Meanwhile she will grow and those teeth will be sharper  and her sense for adventure will have grown.

blowing in the wind

summer breeze

blows through fur and hair

clears all minds

A windy day at Johanna Beach down near the Otway Ranges of Western Victoria. This was Charlie’s first big holiday and we were away for a week across Christmas and New Year 2007 staying on a bush property kilometres from the nearest cafe and many more to the closest town. The bottom image has appeared is an earlier post but the first one showing Jill and Charlie had not and I thought the pictures together were a perfect fit for RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 141 Breeze & Blow. To debunk the theory that haiku is a lot of Hot Air read many other breezy poems at

For more about the Greater Otway National park visit


beats the floor

sleeping like a king

daybed dog

Of all our Afghans only Kara defied the ban on furniture. She happily acquired sofa’s and beds but reluctantly returned to her own sofa futon if pushed. The older she became the more liberties she took. However she started young as seen below at 3 months of age.

Of the others Kelly would always be on the bed in the morning if the temperature dropped below about 8 oC overnight  although we never heard or felt her getting  there. And Charlie would only get on the bed if there were thunderstorms or she was having a phantom pregnancy.

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how high


high jumper

natural instincts

freedom run

For a rare post I am prepared to break my rule of using only my images with my haiku. I have 2 Pinterest sites, one on photography tips and one on Afghan Hounds, where I share images of our Afghans , especially Charlie. Every few days I pin different , fascinating and unusual images of Afghan Hounds I come across. If you want to understand how addictive  Afghan Hounds can become in your lives, (Charlie’s images may have convinced regular visitors already) pleas visit my pinterest site some time at

This image appeared recently and not only did I pin it I also felt a haiku coming on. So here is the haiku and I have to include the image so hence the rule break. There are legends about the jumping ability of Afghan Hounds and breeders always mention the need for high fences.  Our Suki could leap very high in pursuit of doves and others without going into detail would be prepared to remind possums to stay high in trees.

Thanks to Steve Blodgett who took this photo I can indeed share the fact that Afghan Hounds do indeed leap high



off the lead

smells blow on the wind

free to please


Roaming around in the bush near Bendigo was one of Charlie’s happiest experiences. Having just missed a wallaby once she was always on the lookout however we were more careful before the lead came off. There were always many different scents both on the wind and the ground. Occasionally we would come across a prospector with a metal detector, people walking dogs or themselves and plenty of motor bike and 4X4 tyre marks.

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open closed missing

gates can talk




This is my contribution to the one a week week Photo Challenge  and the challenge is is Gate . For this years challenge planned by Cathy and Sandra visit Cathy’s blog at

These three gates tell different stories. The first entices one into a Japanese garden in Brisbane of all places. The second is our old gate at home with Kara letting passing people and dogs know they need to beware. The third is a missing gate at the Griffith Island Lighthouse near Port Fairy. In fact the gate is not all that is missing from the old Keepers cottage, this fence and  a few bluestones is all that shows where the settlement stood.