blowing in the wind

summer breeze

blows through fur and hair

clears all minds

A windy day at Johanna Beach down near the Otway Ranges of Western Victoria. This was Charlie’s first big holiday and we were away for a week across Christmas and New Year 2007 staying on a bush property kilometres from the nearest cafe and many more to the closest town. The bottom image has appeared is an earlier post but the first one showing Jill and Charlie had not and I thought the pictures together were a perfect fit for RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 141 Breeze & Blow. To debunk the theory that haiku is a lot of Hot Air read many other breezy poems at

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off the lead

smells blow on the wind

free to please


Roaming around in the bush near Bendigo was one of Charlie’s happiest experiences. Having just missed a wallaby once she was always on the lookout however we were more careful before the lead came off. There were always many different scents both on the wind and the ground. Occasionally we would come across a prospector with a metal detector, people walking dogs or themselves and plenty of motor bike and 4X4 tyre marks.

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changing landscape


winter storms

smash break and flow

natures tears

This is a view of The Twelve Apostles, a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of The Port Campbell National Park in Western Victoria. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia and is often visited by mini bus loads of international travellers on one day trips from Melbourne. There were originally only nine stacks when the name was given and one has been totally eroded, the rest will follow over time. Good news for a long term tourist industry is that further coastal erosion will see new stacks created , who knows, for a while there may be 12.

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mountain mist

calling for spirits

from the past


When we recently visited Gariwerd/Grampians National Park most of our planned walking days looked like this. The atmosphere  was so different and the ancient connections of the original Indigenous people became  more of a presence on these days. One  looks for the old people to wander out of the mist and continue along on their pathways as they did right here for thousands and thousands of years until the British arrived in the 1830’s.

sharing beauty



petals reaching out 

from the heart

This beautiful flower and its siblings  caught our eye in a nursery garden at Pomonal recently when we visited Gariwerd/Grampians national park.

There was some debate when Jill asked for ID help online with Isopogon Cone Bush and Granite Petrophile offered. It seems to be the latter and is native to Western Australia.

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flowering naturally


shades of red

native spring flowers

sharing life









 Jill and I visited  the  Grampians/Gariwerd region recently, particularly Pomonal and Halls Gap to see the special displays, visit open gardens and look in the wild for specimens to photo. Here is a small selection of current flowering native plants we saw in the first two  but not in the National Park.  The weather did not co-operate for the latter part of the plan. The colours, variety and perfumes are amazing.

natural partnership


blossom calls

nectar messages

bees fly in




Native Hibiscus


Xanthorrhoea (Grass Tree)

White and yellow colours also dominated the range of flowering native plants in the gardens we visited as well as in Gariwerd/Grampians National park when Jill and I recently visited.



bunjils shelter

ancient beginnings

sacred site

Bunjil’s shelter is located on a rocky outcrop looking across a valley to the Northern Grampians/Gariwerd National Park. The story of Bunjil seen here with two Dingoes is the creation story of the Indigenous people from this land. There are other rock art sites in Gariwerd the richest collection in Victoria, they are at the foothills or higher up , Bunjil’s site is very sacred and special to Indigenous Australians because of the story told and its position looking across to the mountains. The exact age of this art and the other works is not known, probably some thousands of years is a reasonable guess. Europeans painted over part of Bunjil’s story many decades ago, today it is protected behind a metal cage.


Mystery 2.


imagine views

hiding beneath clouds


Recently we spent some days in The Grampians/Gariwerd National Park. Most days rain fell, winds blew and clouds dominated the scenery. The birds still performed and wildflowers were blooming however views from lookouts presented new perspectives. This image is from Boroka Lookout and it certainly made us look much more closely at the macro views.

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from above

angling for a catch

fish leaves home


There are many amateur fishing people around Port Phillip Bay from boats, piers and the beach. In the top photo amateurs fish just outside the Ricketts Point marine park and in the lower one  hopefuls cast their lines off the Queenscliff Pier.  Debate continues  between conservationists, professional and amateur fishers over where to fish, how to fish and when to fish. Marine parks have been legalised in some coastal areas, there are sound arguments to extend them and the federal Government, (conservative) has commissioned an inquiry to wind back  restrictions in those parks. Just one of the ongoing battles taking place as the conservatives battle the environment. Meanwhile in Port Phillip Bay the State Government is phasing out commercial fishing creating tension between professional and amateurs. Meanwhile fish keep up their struggle to survive.

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