goodbye autumn



cold soundless morning

sudden fluttering of air

another leaf falls

Winter has arrived in Melbourne and to counter rising energy bills the very last of the autumn leaves are falling . This beautiful little one has come down from a semi-deciduous Liquid Amber. After weeks of cleaning spouts and raking the ground from the fallout of a giant fully deciduous cousin these leaves can be picked up by hand as they individually set off on their journey . In the image below here they were waiting on for the right time to depart.






I have seen this cloud

drifting in my past somewhere

we will meet again

Have you ever looked up in the sky and watched a cloud floating along playing the air, forming and evaporating only to be created again in another place. The water cycle is a fascinating natural event and we are all dependant on it for our existence. If only the climate change denying fools in Australia and elsewhere would understand this.

This cloud was snapped from the car on the Campbelltown to Swansea road in midland Tasmania.

Here it is again in


Tarneit near Melbourne Australia, and again


near Bicheno in Tasmania where you could almost land a Jumbo Jet on the beaches, and again

tahiti sunset0008

on the beautiful island of Moorea in French Polynesia, and in


Black Rock a suburb of Melbourne Australia where every evening the sky, sea , sun  and often clouds play with your emotions .

So look up into the sky and find your cloud then look for it when the need comes to you forever after…………….