people hide
to sunbathe and swim
birds don’t care

An interesting comparison at the Middle Brighton Sea Baths in Brighton, (Melbourne) recently. Behind that screen and under the umbrellas were people who had paid to use the facilities . At the adjacent seawall some Cormorants and a Seagull rested up in the sun before taking to the water at their leisure. Same sun, same water. Isn’t the life of a bird so much less complicated?

open beach
calls birds and people
free for all

life cycle


from bird to beach

back to dust

Sometimes nature leaves works of art waiting to capture your imagination. As we walked along Norman Beach at Wilson’s promontory National park this collection in the sand made us stop and wonder . At the time we thought there may be a haiku in the scene so I took some photos.

Then I discovered the one a week Photo Challenge word challenge this week is CYCLE . To be different I have used this image with the haiku.  This is my offer. For this years 52 weekly challenges planned by Cathy and Sandra visit Cathy’s blog at



pine for love

alone at sunset

oh what grief

I had to dig deep into my image files to find a stimulus for Ronovan’s haiku challenge this week. The challenge words ” Pine and Grief” . See all about this haiku poets weekly challenge at

I like the challenge of the original 2 words, no Thesaurus or tangent deviation for me. The image is another beautiful spring sunset at Ricketts Point. Who knows what that lone woman on the rocks was doing? Enjoying the sunset, pining for a lost love or maybe grieving over past times.