passing parrots


easy food

colourful feathers 

passing by


We have been putting seed sticks in a tree at the front of our house mainly for the Crested pigeons who have appeared in earlier blogs. The sticks are sold as parrot and budgerigar sticks however the Pigeons believe the manufacturers have left them off the labels.  Three days ago  these two Crimson Rosellas began turning up. Its amazing how they can detect the location of this food as they fly in the vicinity. We have been hearing Eastern Rosellas  and noticed  a pair feeding  in street trees near our back yard. These Crimsons are not as common around our suburb, they are more a country/hills and mountains bird. The top one is an adult and the bottom one a juvenile, notice the mottled green plumage that is missing from the adult. Its an unusual combination but most likely a mating pair, the age difference may not be too much , anyway thats just a guess. The parrots are all nesting or looking for sites. This pair have turned up regularly late morning and mid afternoon for 3 days. The crested pigeons have vacated the tree to feed and clean up what drops to the ground as the Rosellas feed.  The adaptability and intelligence of our birds in Australia is amazing. They also quickly learn to trust humans , the pigeons come to my call and follow me around on the ground like tame chickens.

sweet sounds


harp like sound

from spring rosella

song so clear


With Spring comes  frequent visits from various parrots. Crimson Rosellas usually arrive in pairs or small family groups. The first image is a fly by guest who dropped into our front yard , the second image shows these Rosellas can quickly train humans to feed them. If not fed they work on wooden structures to reinforce their requests, (see the rail in front of the bowl after a quick chew with a beak).  Crimson and Eastern Rosellas have a range of song/noises. One sound is a single high pitched and loud “pinnnnnng” that is used to signal  where they are to a mate. Close your eyes and ones imagination could almost think a harpist, (maybe not Laureena McKennitt) was tuning up.

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