how high


high jumper

natural instincts

freedom run

For a rare post I am prepared to break my rule of using only my images with my haiku. I have 2 Pinterest sites, one on photography tips and one on Afghan Hounds, where I share images of our Afghans , especially Charlie. Every few days I pin different , fascinating and unusual images of Afghan Hounds I come across. If you want to understand how addictive  Afghan Hounds can become in your lives, (Charlie’s images may have convinced regular visitors already) pleas visit my pinterest site some time at

This image appeared recently and not only did I pin it I also felt a haiku coming on. So here is the haiku and I have to include the image so hence the rule break. There are legends about the jumping ability of Afghan Hounds and breeders always mention the need for high fences.  Our Suki could leap very high in pursuit of doves and others without going into detail would be prepared to remind possums to stay high in trees.

Thanks to Steve Blodgett who took this photo I can indeed share the fact that Afghan Hounds do indeed leap high