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he escaped




Last week we were over at Heide Gallery in Bulleen to see the Georgia O Keefe, Grace Cossington – Smith  and Margaret Preston exhibition.    AS usual the cafe was not coping with accommodating customers because of the huge number of people who pre book, ( they could just let people serve as they turn up) so Jill and I wandered off to look at the gardens/park. I was looking down at the cottage garden when I noticed a large spider web  .This set of images shows a pair of Golden Orb Weaving spiders,( she is the big one). This male was cautiously moving in for the moment of bliss as I snapped away, notice in the second image one leg cautiously dropping down to the female.I could not bear to watch his fate and wandered off to join Jill in the Native Tree Garden.  I told her about the spiders and we dropped in on the way back. This time the male got away and we saw him far up in the web no doubt pleased with himself. The Females have been known to catch and eat small birds and even snakes in their strong webs.