single gull

empty summer beach


Pacific Gulls are often seen alone, especially after breeding has finished and the young ones are granted independence to hang out together or forage alone. This young bird was enjoying one of the last sunsets of our summer down at Ricketts Point.

Feeding with the tide

IMGP0277 - Version 2

with the tide

flesh fit for a gull

floating away


IMGP0279 - Version 2

IMGP0280 - Version 2

This is my contribution to Ronovan’s Haiku challenge, a must experience for all haiku writers. See at

This juvenile Pacific Gull had found a dead Puffer Fish in the shallows at Ricketts Point and was enjoying a feast all on its own. These fish are highly toxic so I am not sure what the Gull’s tolerance levels were. It did not see eye to eye with the flesh as the second photo shows, then it left the carcass alone.