lockdown time

shopping online

has problems

The lockdown to combat this Covid virus certainly created many new habits and customs for us. Online shopping became a necessary option as we could not travel more than 5 kilometres from home and were confined to our homes except for 1 hour of food shopping and 1 hour of exercise a day.

Maggie always loves to greet the Posties and parcel deliveries at the gate, usually to be patted, by the postie and to play bluff with the parcel deliverers. With a lot more parcels arriving for us they were being left inside the gate and this opened up a new exciting world for Maggie. She developed a sense of responsibility to collect any found parcels and then entertain herself unless we beat her to them.

My favourite gluten free vegimite, (Vegemite is an Australian necessity) was suddenly not stocked in the 2 accessible supermarkets so I had to order it from Adelaide. My 5 jars arrived well packed as seen in photo 1 except this was after Maggie unpacked them. She then carefully created an art display on the ground with the 5 jars. We titled the work of art, “Maggie’s Mess”.