tidal power

Version 2


one pelican stands

amongst squabbling seagulls

rising tide all gone

Seabird numbers at Ricketts Point on Port Phillip Bay continue to increase. The existence of a marine park along this strip of coastline now ensures a permanent food supply for the birds. Even during these current cold days of winter there are always hordes of Silver Gulls, many Pacific Gulls, small numbers of Black Swans, Pelicans and a variety of different Cormorants. Careful observation with binoculars can result in other less common species being spotted amongst the seagulls. This is a magnificent place to connect with nature in the middle of suburban Melbourne.

what a challenge


a balancing act

no place to rest or relax

lift off accomplished

Sea birds will perch in all kinds of unusual places however this Pelican really did perform acrobatics to land on this navigation marker  then balance there. Notice the small platform on top  of the small white pole. Perhaps it was just catching a breath or needed to check for any of the flock.