people power


saving trees

against bureaucrats

people stand 


Three weeks ago on a wet cold Tuesday afternoon 40-50 local people gathered to hear for the first time that a planned new school re-development would mean 239 trees across the site would be destroyed. A story of secrecy , deception, lies and secret agreements  was shared. These people swore to meet again on the site 2 days later to plan  a response . This is image 1 and more people and dogs were there. We learnt  that the state government department of education intended to begin destruction of the trees the following Monday morning. The people that afternoon declared to stand in the way of this destruction at 6.30 on the Monday morning. Television stations and newspapers were contacted and the rally cry went out.

Image 2 shows part of a 300 plus crowd who blocked entry to the site at 6.30 on the Monday. There were many police there as well. For the first time the bureaucrats negotiated with the local residents about these plans. The people said no trees until we have open transparent community discussions and we hear  and see detailed plans of what is proposed. Two weeks later , the trees  stand and the people wait for our meeting.

So even on a smaller scale here in Melbourne Australia we see politicians and bureaucrats trying to walk over communities with a lack of respect and no transparency.

People power in Australia have an anthem called “From little things big things Grow” Sometimes our politicians need to remember it. If you have time please listen to this song   sung by Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody , two living music legends in Australia.

act with honour


break the web

people power

beats the spin



This haiku shares images of two recent people power protests in Melbourne Australia that my wife Jill and I participated in . What was happening in these images happens around the world, sometimes involving tragedy for participants if they are in quasi democratic or dictatorial  countries.

When governments cross the line in the sand through their governing, people power has to drag them back, in both instances seen here we did  to some extent. The ballot box is where all people who can vote should vote and vote wisely for their future. That is unless men with machine guns stand beside the ballot boxes. Then people have to………….

To really understand the background of this haiku I invite you to visit a page sharing wisdom and advice recently posted by Al the Author in the UK.


cheer the call

Three contributions this week to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 67 with key words Cheer & Call. Learn more about this creative haiku challenge and see great poetic minds at work  here

The first is for nature lovers, the second for people power lovers and the third for food lovers.


cheer us up

young one needs feeding

its your call

This family of magpies regularly arrive on our front fence and proceed to perform for food. The baby (on the right) soon learnt to be particularly acrobatic and is performing a half roll along the bricks. If there are no dogs or cats around they become very brave  and actually wander into a house half a block away looking for food.


call and cheer

so politicians hear

the people

In September 2013 a conservative government was elected in Australia. They proceeded to govern by attacking  opponents, critics and most elements of equity and fairness in  Australian society and generally acted with divisiveness and deceit . This July 2014 image shows people protesting against the 2014 budget that was so horrendous it contributed significantly to the collapse of support and trust for this government by a huge majority of the population. Recently the governing party acting in survival mode replaced the prime Minister  and the Treasurer subsequently resigned. We have basically the same governing politicians with much the same policies however there is now an element of inclusiveness and concern, even a little humanity from the new leadership team. Very soon there will be many books released analysing this last two years of political experimentation in Australia.


call in here

for coffee and scones

to cheer up

The Merchant of Malmsbury, a wonderful relaxing break for delicious home made scones and jam and cream on the Calder Highway journey to Bendigo.