volcanic call sign


from the earth

hot rising water

so smelly



Sulphurous geysers gently bubble to the surface in fenced off sections of Kuirau Public Park in Rotorua New Zealand. Maori first used these geothermal springs for health and cooking across many generations after arriving in this area. Later in the C19th The English arrived in Rotorua and quickly took opportunities to utilise the hot springs for various health related issues and commercial opportunities.

Today Rotorua in the middle of the North Island is an essential stop for visitors to New Zealand for learning about and experiencing Maori culture and to confront serious geothermal activity.

Jill and I spent 3 fascinating days in Rotorua during our recent first visit to New Zealand. For those who follow this blog and also whose blogs I follow that is the reason I have been out of communication for some weeks. I am back now and will share more of our New Zealand experiences  with haiku for a while.