rare beauty


so peaceful

gliding on water

rare white swan


Most of New Zealand’s rare birds are included in the conservation programme at Rainbow Springs in Rotorua. Because we were not going to the South Island and mainly planning to experience culture in 4 cities the Rainbow Springs  programme appealed to us and also was a chance to look close up at Kakapo, Kea, Kaka and Weka. Luckily we saw all of these mainly in walk through enclosures as well as  Kiwi in their special light controlled breeding area.  There are many  water areas in this park and trout are bred here as well. As we wandered along beside a waterway this White Swan gracefully glided past. There was no mention of White Swans in the brochure material and park notices. Black Swans are a common Australian Bird have been introduced quite successfully into New Zealand but Northern Hemisphere White Swans are almost non existent in both countries. This is the only example of the bird either of us has ever seen. Whilst Black Swans are beautiful and graceful there is something exceptional to suddenly come upon a white one in Australia or New Zealand.