seagull flock 

in a cloudless sky

writing words


Many weeks ago Jill and I composed two versions of this haiku when we watched seagulls flying everywhere in a cloudless sky. Unfortunately neither of us carried a camera.

All this time we have waited and seen plenty of seagull flocks but not backdropped against a cloudless sky UNTIL today. I was walking around Ricketts Point with my telephoto lens and mono taking shots of young Pacific gulls messing around in the shallows.

Suddenly  in the distance and very high up I could see a large flock of seagulls flying back to Mud Island in the bay from the interior waste tips. Thanks to the zoom I think I have captured the essence of the haiku. What do you think?

11 thoughts on “communicating

  1. Your photos really capture the unusual idea presented in your haiku. I enjoyed both the haiku and photos very much.


  2. I was walking with a musical friend once when she noticed swallows on telegraph wires getting ready to migrate, they were perched up and down on the wires and she thought what fun it would be to compose some music based on their positions – your gulls could add the lyrics!


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