native wildlife need friends


friends gather

native wildlife aides

at all times

Our City of Bayside has a number of environmental Friends groups. I belong to the Friends of native Wildlife. We are a voluntary group who promote the conservation of native fauna in the City of Bayside. We study and survey native wildlife and their needs. We undertake regular practical community activities such a micro bat detecting and monthly frog identification evenings, daytime community bird and insect observation walks, holding specialist information evenings, school visits and meeting scout and girl guide groups, often working with such groups at local parks and heathlands. A significant role involves data collection and observation activities from which we advise Bayside Council and other organisations such as The University of Melbourne, the Australian Bat Society and South East Water. One important participatory function we provide for local residents is to offer installation of bat habitat boxes in their yards and then support their observation through regular endoscope examinations of the boxes.

We maintain a WEB site  and Facebook site as well as a regular email newsletter. These communications keep interested residents aware of and focussed on the Fauna issues relating to the City of Bayside.

This is my response to the 52 week photo challenge  (NATIVE) , find out more at



11 thoughts on “native wildlife need friends

  1. At last a chance to fully read your post. I like the sound of the group you are part of and the work you do. It is so important to care for native species isn’t it. I hope I do my bit by fostering a love of nature in my grandchildren. I seem to have largely failed with my children!!!
    You belong to some interesting groups Denis.


  2. The work of your group is impressive! Very interesting to read about it. If your group was here I ‘d ask for help putting up some bat houses 🙂


      1. Thank you for the offer Denis. Your question sent me to google microbats and then Canadian bat houses. I’m not skilled with wood working so I ‘m thinking maybe I ‘ll take action and buy a bat house –it’s something I ‘ve thought about since moving to the country as bats are supposed to help with mosquitos.


        1. Great idea Janice. Just a tip. They may take months to move in and then they usually move on and others turn up. We use an endoscope every month or 2 and check the occupancy rate.

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          1. Thanks for that info. I’ll have to put some research into it …where to put the box.. time of year etc and where to get one of those endoscopes. Makes sense to check to know if it is in the right location.


  3. Friends of native Wildlife sounds wonderful. I’ve always thought some of the most admirable jobs were folks who worked with nature, caring for animals and the earth. In another life I was a park ranger, pretty sure of it.

    This perfectly fits the photo word of the week too!


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