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autumn drone

We have been watching and photographing the sunset from Red Bluff  and Ricketts Point for the last week to watch where the sun disappears in relation to the You Yangs. These are the hills on the horizon behind the ship . Jill is curious to see where the sun sets in relation to the You Yangs  when the Autumn Equinox occurs.

Traditionally in pre European times Ricketts Point was a sacred indigenous womens’ site and Red Bluff was sacred to the men.It does not take much imagination to consider possible human physical features in the shape of the You Yangs. Indigenous Australians had strong spiritual connections to the landscape. Most local stories have been lost but there would have been connections to the You Yangs from the women at their site and the men at theirs. Basically the sun sets between the peaks of the You Yangs at or close to the Autumn equinox. We wonder if this was the natural signal for the traditional people to begin planning for movement away from what would be a colder coast as Winter approached and inland to more sheltered areas ?

Of course it takes imagination and dreaming to ponder on these questions. As we marvelled at the setting sun a drone suddenly invaded our space (left of sun and above the bow of the ship) A week ago as the sun was setting before Ricketts Point we counted 5 drones hovering around or moving above the shoreline. Drones have some uses but as toys for idiots in peaceful places of natural beauty they have no place.

21 thoughts on “ban the drone

    1. It was but in a matter of months drones along our foreshore habitat areas have gone from occasional to numerous. Usually men playing with no regard to birds and quiet recreational people.


      1. Thankfully, I haven’t seen any drones up here yet. There needs to be laws or guidelines for using drones, I don’t know if they already exist. Not only would it be annoying to find a drone spying on you but imagine the poor birds and animals freaking out if one got near them. And unfortunately, there are some people out there that wouldn’t care about upsetting wildlife or even ruining a nice day out.


        1. I agree Sue, laws will come and they will have to be State Government. This problem I share is in a Marine National park where birds are seeking safety. The operators are usually belligerent looking blokes.

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      1. That is such a shame and hopefully there can be some regulation put in place to manage this. We occasionally see them here and the users are quick to share the footage online -some of it looks amazing.


  1. These photos are exquisite…the colours, the roundness of the sun, the hills you talk about. As well as the drones I think they should move the ship out of the way too so you, Judith, and others can fully absorb the sacred impact of the view.


    1. Thanks Sandra. I am totally against guns but I now have a use for them, using drones for targets. Are they a problem in natural environments over there?


      1. I have never been bothered by any drones here and haven’t heard friends complaining of them. However a friend went on holiday to Spain and had them hovering over them whilst eating al fresco at a restaurant. That must have been horrid!


  2. Magical, dramatic sunset beautifully captured. In the first picture (obviously no sound) the drone could be mistaken for a bird, but in the second it looks like a science fiction mad bug and I bet it sounded horrible too. New toys require new laws.


    1. Thanks for your encouraging comments Agnes. Sadly this drone destroyed the natural ambience and yes I think also that laws will come. So many people have to be guided to think.


  3. Initially, I am hopeful that these days social media can play it’s part guiding and educating, and, sometimes even shaming people into more considerate behaviour, but alas I agree that the laws will probably come.


    1. It sure added an element to the moment Joyce, I wished I had a shotgun. Drones in the hands of bored people are not environment friendly, not to say they may have uses in some circumstances.

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