hopeful spring sunset

virus and madness fading

welcome change at dawn

Today I have found my creative elements again. First after a lockdown of over 100 days, ( not quite as bad as the Siege of Leningrad) in Melbourne we have now had 9 days of 0 new infections and no Covid deaths, 2 people in hospital with the virus and 2 mystery cases. Tomorrow we can begin moving towards a known earlier lifestyle, (but never the same again.) However I realise around the world especially in Europe and North America the virus is persisting.

Then secondly this morning we wake to hear Joe Biden has been successful in Pennsylvania and crossed the winning line. In Australia many of us suddenly feel a great sense of relief just like many others around the world and especially in the USA.

These two events have returned me to Haiku Hound. Over the next week or so Maggie and I will reconnect with all my wonderful blogging friends and share more of our experiences from these last crazy months. We did keep taking photos and walking, nothing much else was legal.

17 thoughts on “tomorrow

  1. How wonderful to see you pop into my inbox today Denis. I almost felt the global sigh of relief as Biden edged over that line. Your photo and Haiku a welcome celebration. Welcome back. 🙂


  2. Beautiful shot!! Welcome back Denis! We are feeling very hopeful here as of yesterday. At least, some of us are. Hope everyone will just work together. It’s been as exhausting as it’s been deadly. I look forward to less turbulent days😊



    1. Thanks Pat. You have been doing it tough over there, first and still ongoing with covid and then Trump. At least one problem has been solved and after January 20 the other one will begin to lessen.Surely the Trump fanatics will moderate without the rabid stirring in public. Good luck in the next few weeks.


  3. Welcome back Denis, glad to see you here again on such a positive new dawn! We’re looking forward to seeing your beautiful images and words and please give Maggie a big pat from us all 🤗🐕


    1. Thanks Xenia. I have been re-reading your book on Kindle to help cheer me over these last months. Maggie has been shaved for Summer , I am looking forward to more adventures of Eivor and Pearl

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  4. Wonderful to see one of your sunsets again. This one is stunning. I feel the happiness and hope in your writing. The news from the US did spark joy in me and we can only hope for a peaceful and successful transition. I am glad to hear that you are well and that restrictions have eased.


    1. Thanks for the welcome back Janice. We have not heard much lately about the virus in Canada. Stay safe, the vaccine is getting closer here and elsewhere. Canadians will also breathe easier with Trump gone I guess.

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      1. Many of us definitely are happy about the possibility of a new administration. In Canada with colder weather and probably other factors the positive test results are going up as are changes in guidelines. Our latest news is that rapid testing is being introduced (slowly 😉


  5. So beautiful photographa and sure haiku lines too. Welcome back dear Denis, too many thing happened and still going on… we are living the worst days of coronavirus. İstanbul is the center of the virus. And they don’t announce lockdown in here… people die… Daily cases are rising up everyday, yesterday was 2846… and most of them in İstanbul. We are now in the village… and I have been living isolated from last March till now… I can’t travel I miss my son and my grandsons… I try to be strong and well but sometimes I can’t. Be sure I am so glad to see you again, Thank you, Love, nia


    1. Thanks Nia for your welcome and also your concern for where I had been. I have been reading your recent posts and have missed so much. Will you be sharing how your cat family is in posts soon. Stay strong Nia. Wearing strong masks is a safety measure and also staying away from crowds as much as possible. The village is safe for you I think.

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