sweet sounds


harp like sound

from spring rosella

song so clear


With Spring comes  frequent visits from various parrots. Crimson Rosellas usually arrive in pairs or small family groups. The first image is a fly by guest who dropped into our front yard , the second image shows these Rosellas can quickly train humans to feed them. If not fed they work on wooden structures to reinforce their requests, (see the rail in front of the bowl after a quick chew with a beak).  Crimson and Eastern Rosellas have a range of song/noises. One sound is a single high pitched and loud “pinnnnnng” that is used to signal  where they are to a mate. Close your eyes and ones imagination could almost think a harpist, (maybe not Laureena McKennitt) was tuning up.

This is my contribution to the wonderful Blog site RonovanWrites  Weekly  Haiku  Poetry Prompt  Challenge. This is number 65 using words Harp&Clear. Discover much more at https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/2015/10/05/ronovanwrites-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-65-harp-clear/

16 thoughts on “sweet sounds

  1. Beautiful: for me: spring in fall (here), a beautiful red bird and haiku–I’d love to hear its call and you reminded me of Loreena McKennitt–I’ll have to pull out a CD while I’m in a harp mood.


    1. They are beautiful, the Eastern Rosella is even more brilliant, bright yellow, green and red. We see them locally in equal numbers. Thanks for your comments on the haiku


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