summer nears


cooling down

playing with the breeze

bamboo chimes

These Indonesian wind chimes hang on our front veranda . They create a smoother more natural contrasting sound to the metal wind chimes hanging nearby. Many afternoons in Summer after a hot day the evening coastal breeze drifts up the hill from Port Phillip Bay and cools us  down with music from these chimes and breath from the wind.

10 thoughts on “summer nears

  1. Lovely. I like the fern peering into the corner of the photo but am not used to seeing them quite so large. I would love some of that ‘Summer after a hot day’ weather to be transported here along with some music from your chimes right about now as the cold wind has been with us all week. Shiver!


    1. The fern is over 20 years old. They have to be registered and tagged before they are sold as only limited ones are harvested , usually when logging takes place. In their natural forests in the mountains near here they are sometimes over 3-4 metres tall. I cannot imagine the cold when winter winds blow in off the Atlantic.

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  2. I was nicely surprised to find them growing wild here in Ireland when I used to sell them as house plants back in the States while working as a florist. Now I am just wowed by the thought of them growing tree sized!


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