fiery sky


sunset like

layered dragon breath 

invites awe


This was  a beautiful sunset I was lucky to capture at Port Fairy a couple of weeks ago. Down in the town there was no indication of the colour that was unfolding. Luckily I drove up to the beach at Pea Soup and this spectacle unfolded.  Why the dragon fire colours in the first image? an astute observer may ask. The answer, my camera flash popped up  and I took that photo  then closed the flash and kept shooting.  Port Fairy is a wonderful place to capture both sunrises and sunsets. On the East Beach sand dunes a view across the bay towards Warrnambool is flanked by Tower Hill and surrounding rises. Across at Pea Soup one looks West along the coast towards Yambuk.

The haiku and images are my contributions to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 95 Dragon&Invite to be accessed at

And the 52 week photo challenge (LAYER) to be checked out at

35 thoughts on “fiery sky

    1. Thanks Nia. I was really excited that evening because I did not expect such colour. This place is a long way from Melbourne and the atmosphere had a lot of smoke from controlled burning of forests.

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  1. My goodness Denis you get the most extraordinarily beautiful shots of sunsets to share with us – that one is a fire-cracker of a sunset – just perfect for dragon breath! certainly does invite awe!!!


    1. Thanks Sandra. I spend enough time watching the sun setting these days which better than being on a commuter train as this daily natural ritual takes place. The images were a good feed for the two challenges .

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    1. Thanks Joyce, there was a touch of smoke in the atmosphere and this does add to the sunset colours. I used my everyday generalist camera/lens. Its a DSLR Pentax K-5 IIs with a Sigma 18-250 lens. We have always had Pentax cameras and I think they are underrated by the photographic community for reasons I cannot understand. This camera has amazing functionality and once I finish reading the 300 page manual closely I will further appreciate it. For my bird /animal shots And some long distance zooms I have a DSLR Pentax K200 with a Sigma 150-500 telephoto.


  2. Stunning skies that nature can produce – great captures. Hope you’re not insulted but I was amused by the variety of place names in your post…Pea Soup, Port Fairy, Warrnambool and Yambuk. No boring repetitions of old British names there!


    1. Thanks for the positive comments Carol. Here in Australia we usually have a mixture of Indigenous and British names for places however there are some deviations. Pea Soup is a coastal feature where volcanic lava flows ran into the ocean and formed small enclosed bays. Surf breaks on the outer walls and inside it is usually as smooth as Pea Soup. Great safe swimming for families and where I almost learnt to swim as a young child. Port Fairy is a small historic fishing town built on the mouth of the river Moyne named after the C19 sailing boat Fairy. Warrnambool is Aboriginal for between 2 rivers, its a city of 25,000 and where I spent my teenage years and went to Secondary school. Yambuk is a small village between Port fairy and Portland and is also an Aboriginal word with one meaning possibly being Eel Lake.

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  3. You did a great job combining the two challenges, Denis. You’re becoming the expert at capturing the most amazing sunsets. Gorgeous pictures and the first one does make me think of a dragon breathing fire––awesome!


    1. I am lucky to be living so close to a perfect setting Vashti. The bay gives the vastness, there is a choice of cliffs or beach and all I do is wait to check the sun and then into the car and 5 minutes we are there. Tonight is looking very promising in about 40 minutes.

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