Charlie’s frivolity



new day every day

why worry

Charlie enjoyed life and was looking for new adventures, sometimes very silly ones, every day. The first image shows her playing grab with a fisherman’s glove  picked up on the beach. She would collect and bring home an array of items such as this glove and especially fluffy and other abandoned pram rejected toys . The second image has her learning petanque a game she adapted to quite easily but soon tired of and the third picture demonstrates the intensity of skink hunting at Bendigo, a pursuit that could occupy her for long periods of time. Skinks are small lizards about 3-4 centimetres long and .5  wide. I cannot remember her ever catching one but that did not detract from the pleasure of the game.

This is my contribution of FRIVOLOUS images in the 52 week photo challenge , to be accessed at

9 thoughts on “Charlie’s frivolity

    1. Afghans are an amazing breed , Charlie was our fifth across 40 years and she was exceptional. The curled tail is a sign of communication with other Afghans when hunting in rocky terrain and also an indicator of good health.

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        1. She was the healthiest and fittest Afghan we had, at 9 she was still fast and strong. Sadly Cushings Disease and Larangyl Paralysis were a deadly combination in a few months.


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