cursing cockie

empty plate

such imprecations 

for more cake

The Sulphur crested Cockatoos at Brambuk Indigenous Centre near Halls Gap in Gariwerd (Grampians) National Park insist on sharing food on the outside terrace with visitors. Anyone who ignores their advances is quickly abused and intimidated, the trick is to drip feed them crumbs while you enjoy the food and ambience of the setting. This particular Cockie walked around the table and had to be pushed away while I ate my cake. Upon cleaning up the crumbs he picked up the spoon with his beak and threw it upon the decking screeching something unpleasant in Cockie speak. I thought this was an ideal photo sequence with an added haiku after seeing Ronovan’s Post, Word of the week Imprecation at


21 thoughts on “cursing cockie

  1. Great post Denis. These birds are such characters but they can certainly be quite intimidating at times with their big size and loud screechings! Sounds like this one told you off big time! 😀


  2. Gorgeous close up. I read they sound rather naughty birds, but how fabulous to have such exotic wildlife pestering you. I think we can all agree on ‘more cake’. 😉


    1. They are often kept as pets, are highly intelligent learning to speak quickly and can be excellent watchdogs (birds). Usually the congregate in large flocks and descend on grain crops or paddocks of grass in seed. They also love pine cones and enjoy windbreaks of old pine trees and plantations. Then of course they quickly adapt to human food so become regulars in coastal and mountain tourist resorts like the one mentioned in this post. Their beaks can bite to the bone on a finger. Gorgeous Agnes? sometimes!


      1. Ah – mmm thought they might be a bit pecky, and, of course, they are wild animals, but they do look fabulous and they have that expression as if they are amused the whole time.


  3. Those cockies are quite an experience! Perfect situation for ‘imprecation’… they have the colouring of innocence but you’ve blown their cover 🙂


    1. It sounds like you met a few, so you understand what they get like in tourist centres Joyce. Usually they are OK if you feed them, its when you ignore them and eat that they get upset.


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