stay away

a nest to be saved

standing firm in defence

spring hovers nearby

We were walking along the coastal pathway at Ricketts Point recently. This blue male Superb Fairy Wren and his brown female partner were aggressively warning all living things to stay away from the nest they had built somewhere in the bushes nearby. For small birds they are very courageous.

15 thoughts on “stay away

  1. Exquisite photos… the stance of the birds echoes the defence mentioned in your haiku which also seems to speak of the delicacy of the new season as well…itโ€™s need for bolstering. Iโ€™m happy to hear of your signs of spring (as we grip to the last weeks of our summer in the slanting sun).

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  2. Beautiful little birds… I love their blue colours, as a miracle touches… And yes, your haiku, amazing, Thank you dear Denis, Love, nia


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