dogs are people too

art show favourite
locked shed wake and wail
poor horatio

Maggie visited our local municipal Art gallery twice recently. She enjoyed the first visit so much we had to plan a return. This had nothing to do of course with the free dog biscuits specially prepared in small packages handed out to all arty dogs . As you can see Maggie was actively engaged with the displayed works and did show a keen interest in the fate of Horatio the cat. This prompted a late entry for Ronovan’s haiku challenge Wake and Wail. Other contributions can be viewed at

15 thoughts on “dogs are people too

  1. So interesting to see a doggie-friendly exhibit. Yes, we sometimes forget that an animal’s curiosity is a sign of intelligence. Lovely to see Maggie enjoying the outing and the visuals. 🙂


  2. Maggie is amazing, felt something, sure. Beautiful art gallery and meaningful too. Your haiku lines being a translator to her feelings of lovely Maggie, Thank you dear Denis, Love, nia


  3. An entertaining haiku and series of photos. I especially enjoy the last photo with the shadow overlap. From what I can see I can understand why Maggie would have enjoyed the exhibition.


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