live sheep export
cruelest conditions
weep for them

One of the most inhumane aspects of Australia’s economic fantasy world is the live animal export market. For some years there is growing demand for our Federal government to stop this practice. Sheep are exported to the Middle East and cattle are exported to Asia to be killed and eaten.

This ship I photographed some years ago at Fremantle in Western Australia is designed to carry sheep in absolutely unbearable, cruel conditions. I will not describe them however if you want to become a Vegan google Live sheep trade Australia. Most of the sheep that survive the journey are treated then killed in the most barbaric of ways. The trade of cattle to Asia is barely any better as often the abattoir processes the animals die in are as barbaric as the treatment of sheep in the Middle East.

There are 2 solutions to this deeply disturbing practice. 1. Stop the trade full stop and stop it NOW. Or if the demand for animal meat to be eaten in these markets is necessary!!!!!! then have animals humanely euthanised in Australian Abattoirs under strict humane conditions and the processed meat is exported in refrigerated ships.

Under our current valueless conservative government neither solution looks likely. Protests and lobbying for the animals will continue. Just one more battle the Australian people are currently fighting against their “elected” government. Anyone with half a brain and any compassion knows sheep and cattle are sentient beings with emotions and feelings. I am sure most farmers really know this, the conservative politicians and those who profit financially from this trade choose not to. Perhaps the latter could take a cruise on the ship above for a few days and rethink policy!! What do you think reader?

This Haiga is my response to Ronovan’s prompt for this weeks haiku. Visit his site to see more weep and sheep haiku at

17 thoughts on “why

  1. What you pictured into the words are really terrible… so terrible. And this shouldn’t be the action of 21yy humanity…I do agree with you dear Denis. And yes, the second option seems so good… why not. On the other hand, when I look at the world leaders/governments/etc. seems not good… What happened to them, to their minds… Is it hard to take right actions or right solutions… My mind stops… Thank you, Love, nia


  2. What humans are prepared to do and/or tolerate for profit – so very, very low. Live animal exports from Southern Hemisphere Australia to countries north of the Equator utter lunacy on every level.


  3. Such a sad state of affairs how we treat animals in many parts of the world. I once glimpsed a documentary on how slaughter houses work and couldn’t bear to watch more than a few minutes. There was some stink in Canada a few years back concerning the cruelty of such establishments and some undercover videos influenced the people and government to take action. Sorry to hear that animals that feed us are still horribly mistreated. 😦


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