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oh geiko

traditions to be shared

your whole life


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These are two Geiko (thats Kyoto speak for Geisha) who were doing a photo shoot on a terrace at Kio Mizudera.  No Japanese were allowed near the action, however some of my students wandered over and were allowed to take photos. I went over  and was also allowed to take some shots. One of the advantages of being Geijin tourists.

6 thoughts on “Geiko

    1. They are amazing garments and costly. The top ones can fetch mind boggling prices as in hundreds of thousands of A $’s. There is a huge market in second hand kimonos. My wife has made use of them, but unpicking the garment is time consuming. We have a friend in Nara Japan who is learning to make kimonos


      1. Yes, I’m not surprised they’re expensive. My daughter was given an informal little girl’s version from a Japanese colleague when we lived in Holland. It is only a cotton print, but it is most definitely nothing like a Western garment. Still much treasured.


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