styled up


just bathed

crest fresh and styled

what a bird


style up now

need a fresh new look 

for the mate


These birds are Crested Pigeons, native to most of Australia but more often seen inland and in drier habitats. They moved into Melbourne in small numbers during the big drought of the late 90’s and stayed. Usually a pair or two are seen in our area however this summer the birds in this photo have decided to spend a lot of time feeding for seeds in our yard. They are quite tame  and I can now call them in with their Whoo Whoo sounds  for some budgie seed. The crests are an amazing set of feathers, creating quite a style challenge for adventurous teenagers to copy?

The crested pigeons have offered themselves a subjects for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 80 challenge words  Style&Fresh.  Visit the challenge site here at                                                        and read some amazing haiku and also see what other creative activities Ronovan facilitates

27 thoughts on “styled up

  1. It is dawning on me that you have a way with birds–you get such great close ups –and I enjoyed the haiku–they capture what we see with a touch of humour .


  2. Beauties. I live the second photo which shows the stripes on his wings so clearly. Lovely haiku also. I am going to do 3 5 3 this week also…posting later today. 🙂 Have a fab weekend Denis.


    1. Thanks Melissa, the colouring comes out best on really sunny days, but they have to show their wings, usually they are face on to me. IF you are experimenting with 3/5/3 I found at the beginning that doing 5/7/5 then editing helped get the mindset going. Now I rarely have to do that. I can’t get VINTAGE into this one but may have an earlier blog that does.


  3. I like your informative commentary and yourjaunty haiku. I learnt a lot about pigeons. I hadn’t realised this type are native.


  4. What wonderful looking pigeons. Such a stylish crest! Lovely captures of their beauty, Denis. You are so lucky to have befriended them. Enjoy your new visitors.


  5. Lovely photos Denis, they clearly show the muted colourings and the beautiful metallic colours on their wings. I see some of these birds around home and they are quite timid. If you get too close they take off and you can hear a whistling sound as they fly away.


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